Summer Reception

The IAESTE Spain Events Department has many years of experience and is comprised of members of our Local Committees. Their goals are to prepare Summer Weekends, activities and all kind of events to help all the trainees to get to know our wonderful country while having fun and make your Spanish IAESTE experience great!

The summer is coming, and our batteries are full as we look forward to organizing the famous Spanish IAESTE Summer Weekends. Every weekend you will be able to enjoy the most beautiful cities in Spain, guided by local from our LCs. We will show you the most emblematic places, organize amazing activities, prepare our best and most typical food… And you will be always sharing this experience with the best company ever: more IAESTE trainees!
We strongly recommend you to participate in every one of our events that you have the chance to!

We are organizing IAESTE weekends all over the country; sea, mountain, beach, cities and all that you want from you IAESTE Summer!

IAESTE ZARAGOZA Weekend – 12-14th July ’19

We invite you to the Zaragoza Weekend! Don´t hesitate visiting this historical city and crossing the river in kayak. Fill in the registration form!!

IAESTE SEVILLA Weekend – 19-21th July ’19

We will walk through one of the biggest old quarter of Europe and dance a little “flamenco”. Come and visit one of the most beautiful and breathtaking city of Spain, where you can find the best tapas, street and squares scented with orange blossom and funny people.

IAESTE BARCELONA Weekend – 26-28th July ’19

Explore the city through the eyes of a local and experience the thrill of the authentic Barcelona nightlife. Home of gorgeous beaches, serene parks and gardens, great food, amazing architecture, and of course crazy parties. Barcelona is waiting to delight you with its charms.

IAESTE VALENCIA Weekend – 2-4th August’19

During this event you will be able to enjoy and experience all about this city and its awesome people. You will explore all the touristic spots, the hidden gems; taste our fantastic food; visit our amazing beaches and discover our nightlife.

IAESTE MADRID Weekend – 9-11th August ’19

We are going to spend the weekend visiting the daily life of most popular places, everything from museums to Parks. We will enjoy the typical bars and discos of our city. We are sure you don´t want to miss the capital of Spain!

IAESTE LLEIDA Weekend – 23-25th August ’19

City of emblematic monuments and green spaces, invites everybody who wants to spend a sidesplitting weekend to visit it. Local gastronomy, cultural visits, the best parties in the area and one of the largest commercial axis of Europe are waiting for you.

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We are looking forward to seeing you in all our events, and will work for you to have a great summer!!

IAESTE Spain Events Department